Social Responsibilities

Responsibility through our entire value chain

Veer Healthcare strives to work in a responsible manner throughout its entire value chain, from the work at the farms, through to operations and distribution, even including recycling of packaging material.

How we work responsibly

All managers are responsible for embedding our Code of Conduct In Veer Healthcare culture and business, and each and every colleague play An important role in the implementation. Our Code of Conduct is Furtheroperationalized in policies, processes, standards and codes Of practice throughout our value chain. Our overall due diligence Process, which we apply before entering a new partnership or joint Venture, covers economic, social, and environmental concerns.

Good Growth strategy 2020

Our strategy to reach our vision is called Good Growth 2020. Everyone at Veer Healthcare is committing to growing the business in a good way. We grow the value of our farmer owners’ milk by developing our position as a leading global infant company.


We inspire consumers around the world to eat well, and we find that New ideas, creative solutions and good decisions often come from Collaboration andknowledge sharing.

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